Residents and visitors in Maine are invited to explore the little known history & mysteries of Bath Maine during lantern lit walking tours of historic sites and ghostly haunts.


Join The Lady in the Red Cloak for a walking tour of Bath. Discover the legends, lore and hidden stories of the area, its mysteries and haunts. See many of the captain’s homes, learn of the early settlement, hear the tale of Seguin and more, while you experience a one-of-a-kind evening in the “City of Ships.” The moderate walk, suitable for all ages, lasts approximately 90 minutes and is by reservation only.


Red Cloak Tours explores Bath on a variable schedule. Their seasonal schedule begins in May and ends October 30th. Adjustments in the routes may be made to accommodate elderly or disabled guests. Special tours may be arranged upon request.


Location: Downtown Bath, ME.


Phone: 207-380-3806


Hours: Please check the updated tour schedule


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