​Stone Broke Bread and Books: Naturally Leavened Breads and Small Press Books :-) in downtown Gardiner, Maine.

It's true that Stone Broke Bread & Books started as a community-supported bakery focused on making naturally-leavened breads that are simple, delicious, nutritionally dense, and highly digestible, with a strong focus on local, sustainably sourced and produced ingredients. But it has become a whole lot more since then. Organically growing out of their homestead and arts backgrounds, the family-run business is now a brick-and-mortar small press bookshop and naturally-leavened bakery.

Since then Stone Broke Breads and Books has now grown organically into a small, sustainable, community centered project. Yes, they do make great bread but they also focus on the things that can come of sharing that bread with a larger community.

Equally important to them are the notion of locality, accessibility, sustainability, and community building. They use local, organic, and sustainably produced and sourced products and materials whenever possible, and keeping bread reasonably priced.

The bookshop focuses on a curated collection of small press books (no big publishers, no big distributors) to cultivate a community for underrepresented voices and care-building (women, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, DIY, poetry, alternative politics, ecology, and healthcare/spirituality) with events to go along with the readings.

Their ur goal is to provide space to focus on small publishing houses and events that match our community's values, bringing attention to diverse, alternative, and under-represented interests.

Stone Broke Bread and Books and their share members have given over thousands of dollars and hundreds of loaves to various Food Accessibility Programs in Maine.

Location: 347 Water Street, Gardiner, Maine.

Phone: 207-203-0224

Friday & Saturday ​ 10-6
Sunday 10-4
Monday 7-4
Tuesday 10-4
Closed Wednesday & Thursday

Location: 347 Water Street in ​Gardiner, Maine

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  • April 25, 2024 12:21 am local time

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  • Locally-owned / Operated, Open Year-Round, Sells Local Products, Promote Local Artists, Centrally Located, Learning / Workshops, Low-Impact Activity, Small Scale Event, Heritage & Preservation, Local Culture & Traditions, Unique Experiences & Tours, Natural Resources & Conservation, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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