The 1925 Presidential Yacht USS Sequoia, a National Historic Landmark can now be seen on the waterfront of Belfast, Maine. The 104-foot yacht will be in Belfast for several years for a full restoration by French and Webb.

UPDATE! The Sequoia has left Belfast, Maine in October 2023. 

Also known as the "Floating White House", the USS Sequoia is the former presidential yacht used during eight administrations from Herbert Hoover through Jimmy Carter. It is perhaps one of the more important presidential artifacts.

Many first families including the Kennedys, Nixons and high-ranking government officials boarded this famous ship designed by John Trumpy and built by the famed John H. Mathis & Company.

What an honor to have this historic landmark in the charming coastal town of Belfast, Maine!

Location: French and Webb - 21 Front St, Belfast, ME 04915

Latest News! A structure will soon be build to protect the USS Sequoia from the elements. Visitors will be allowed to view the restoration in progress.


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